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Legal –

We are required to post this to our website to accept your credit card.
Let me give you the short version. We are going to prepare a meal for you and your
loved ones to share. Our team is going to do our best to make sure you have a great
time and a great meal. On occasion we do fall short of that. If that is ever the case, we
will discuss the issue and come to an agreement that suites both parties.
Currency –
We accept USD. USD is the formal abbreviation for American Dollars. You know
American cash, bills, paper, greenbacks, moolah, scratch, green, loot, dough, bread,
clams, cheese, cheddar. dead presidents. I think you get the idea.
Customer service contact information-
This is the place that I would just give you my cell phone number and you could call me
anytime with a problem. However, we know that there are internet trolls on the big
world wide web. Since I already have 12 car warranties on my 1988 Buick, I don’t want
any spam calls. Just call our restaurant. We will take care of you.
Fulfillment policies-
If you don’t get your food, we will give you your money back.
Legal or export restrictions applicable to your business-
We are not even sure what this means, however we don’t think you should export our
food. It might go bad before it arrives.
Your website’s privacy policy-
If you give me your email, I might send you an email. I will never give your email to
anyone else.
Our business addresses-
30801 E Park Hwy, Ashland, NE 68003
The terms of any promotions you are offering-
If we have a promotion. It will be first come first serve.
The security of your website and customer payment information-
This part we take seriously. We are PCI compliance. In fact, we spent a lot of the for
mentioned moolah making sure we keep your information safe.
We accept –
Visa – Master Card – Discover - Cash